• Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Portraiture
  • Web Design
  • Fashion Design

Graphic Design

I have worked over the years creating logos, posters, and business cards for various clients.

Poster Design

A poster created for use by the Kingston City School District as part of our character education initiative. The "Habits of Mind" written and edited by the Kingston High School Art Department. Poster layout and graphics designed by me.

Logo Design

Clotheorie Clothing Design

Business Card Design


If you have a need for book, fashion, or any other type of graphic illustration, you needn't look any further.

Traditional Drawings

For years I have worked with pencil, pen, Sharpie, and Prismacolor markers. Many of these illustrations can be found in the drawing and fashion sections of my portfolio.

Digital Drawings

I use ArtRage software on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3, a drawing and painting program created specifically for use on tablet computers, which has allowed me to bring my digital work to a new level.


Kelleigh Mackenzie -- commissioned 2007 Commissions for portraits are always welcome. I work from life as well as photographs, and can create images in any art material you choose. Pricing varies with size, media, and overall time involved. Please feel free to drop me an email on the contact page if interested!

As I see it...

The faces I create represent a deep and dramatic look into the very essence of humanity in all its colors, forms, imperfections and fragility. It is not just about the face or figure, or choosing to render the self or a specific individual among the masses, it is about the hidden energy underneath the skin, the act of digging into the physicality of the person. From the dark and warmly muted portraits of Rembrandt, to the sickly thick flesh tones rendered in the paintings of Lucien Freud, we cannot help but let the visceral response take over, to establish an exaggerated empathy for what we are physiologically, and who we are psychologically.

Swirls of color, shade and form are created and connected to everything on the surface. Features blend together to become a face, the face becomes a body, the body and background collide, and the viewer is pulled into a spectacle that is created from pieces of other worlds, objects, people, and places. Passing through countless eras of time and technologies, from ancient to classic, modern to post-modern, the human condition remains the same. Like an unshakable shadow, we cannot abandon our most primal fears and desires, written across our faces in the universal language of muscle and skin, sinew and bone. Our collective vitality and mortality is revealed through alchemic mixtures of pencil, brush, ink, paint, fabric, wax, and thread.

Web Design

Learning to both internalize and harness the power of visual design in this digital world is absolutely essential for any artist. Over the past decade, I have coded portfolio sites for a variety of clients. In each design, it was my intention to have the site complement and showcase the work in a way that is eye-catching, sleek, simple, and easy to navigate.

Below are a links to a few websites I have designed over the years.

C.A. Rodriguez, Author

Gerald Obourn, Architect

Karen Capobianco, Artist

Richard Miller, Architect

ZiZi Consignment, Inc.

Fashion Design

Though I am primarily self-taught, I have a keen eye for detail, and am always ready for a challenge.


Clotheorie design is eclectic, quirky, dangling precariously but adventurously on the fringes of existing fashion. All garments are handmade by me... from sketch, to design, all the way through to construction.

Fashion Illustration

Most of my ideas come from an amalgamation of existing styles and labels I love, in addition to fashions that do not yet exist outside my own head. The first part of the process is always to sketch. Gesture drawings morph into more technical sketches, flats, and ultimately, patterns to be sewn.

Fashion Construction

Once conceptualized, the hard part begins. What kind of fabric, stitching, and patterns to use... and will it all come together in the end? As a self-taught seamstress, I am lucky to have tons of digital info at my fingertips, and a great sewing machine to boot.

Custom Clothing Design

As with portraiture, I am always open to designing and constructing garments for others. Because sometimes what you really want simply doesn't exist, yet.

Clotheorie on Etsy

I will be launching an Etsy shop next year to sell my Clotheorie illustrations and clothing designs.